LMGOI 2013 - Ideas & Suggestions

Dear Reader:

ISMC is looking for Ideas & Suggestions on the 2013 release of "Lake Merritt and Greater Oakland Insects." As in past years the guide will be available as an eBook only. The market for the guide is too small to warrant a printed version. Based on what we can produce wed like to hear how the guide could be better positioned for distribution or tweaked so that recipients get their best value.

We will incorporate your suggestions, release the guide to a larger audience, incorporate feedback from that audience, and then take the product to market. The turn-around for these process will be very quick!

A webpage will be created to track what happens to suggestions. For your work you will receive a complimentary copy of the guide once it is ready for distribution.

To help, please reach me at the contact information, below.

Eddie Dunbar
 E-mail: eddie@bugpeople.org
 Facebook: facebook.com/eddie.dunbar