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Pollinator Posse's
Bay Area Beeways

Oakland's "Pollinator Posse" is building contiguous pollinator-friendly landscaping starting at Lake Merritt and radiating out to Oakland's neighboring cities. Participants are recording pollinators and the plants they use using iNaturalist.
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Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area

Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area (ISFBA) is an ongoing survey of Bay Area insects leading lead to the publication of a printed guide. Starting with a web-based version scientists, naturalists, photographers and citizen scientists are engaged to create field guide content through events and projects that train them to observe, recognize, collect, mount and photograph insects.
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Insects of Knowland Park

Joseph Knowland State Arboretum and Park is a City of Oakland Park. Most Oaklanders do now know this. It begins at the MacArthur I580 Freeway and reaches Skyline Blvd at its northernmost end. It is Oakland's largest open space and includes hiking paths, birds, wildlife and stupendous views. Knowland Park was acquired by the City of Oakland from the State of California in 1975. Just a few feet from homes, the wild terrain is shared by coyotes, foxes, skunks, gophers, turkeys, raccoons, rabbits, snakes, native oaks and raptors.
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Insects of Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

East Bay Regional Parks' Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve has tremendous insect diversity.
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Blue Lake Watershed - Modoc National Forest

This project documents the flora and fauna of the Blue Lake Watershed in southeastern Modoc National Forest, Lassen County. At an elevation of 6,000 feet, the 160 acre lake is about 15 miles east of Likely (Route 64 to Blue Lake Road), which is about 20 miles south of Alturas (on Highway 395). Blue Lake was formed an estimated 350 years ago when a landslide on the north side of the Lake blocked the flow of water on Parsnip Creek. Blue Lake Campground with 48 sites is located on a hillside on the east side of Blue Lake. The Blue Lake Wildfire in 2001 burned 35,000 acres, but the campground was untouched. Brad Smith is the contributor of images to this project. Your observations are welcome!
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Insects of Rancho Los Mochos

ISMC holds specimens and data from this site dating back to 1975. Rancho Los Mochos Scout Camp is located in the Livermore Hills west of Livermore, CA.
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Insects of Sycamore Grove Park

From its northern entrance this park is also known as Veteran's Memorial Park.
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Bishop O'Dowd Bioblitz

ISMC is providing support to the AP Environmental Studies program at Oakland's Bishop O'Dowd High School. The school is conducting an inventory of the flora and fauna in the surrounding habitats, beginning with insects. This project is supported by ISMC through the Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area project.
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Pipevine Swallowtail Project

Show some love! A little beauty was lost when this butterfly went extinct in Oakland during the last Ice Age. Our teams are planting the caterpillar’s food plant in an effort to help bring it back. Add observations for the butterfly and its food plant.
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